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If you are the owner of a massage parlour, adult chat line (SMS text back service) or an escort business that is competing in highly competitive UK cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast then, you cannot rely solely on search engine optimisation (SEO) as your only tool to market your adult website on the internet.

To successfully compete in these markets adult website owners have to utilise as many internet marketing channels as possible. That’s why in conjunction with providing an adult SEO service we encourage our clients to allow us to book premium ads on there behalf in popular escort directories.

What is a media buying service?
In the internet marketing industry booking premium and sponsored advertisements on behalf of a client is referred to as a “media buying service”. As a bulk media buyer we are able to purchase premium advertising slots from popular escort directories at a discounted rate these, savings are then passed on to our clients.

Why do I need to advertise in escort directories if I already pay for SEO
An adult SEO service is a very powerful internet marketing tool and provided that the SEO strategy is well planned, correctly implemented and continuously revised and updated then the increase in your search engine ranking position will results in more traffic to your adult website and increased sales (or bookings).

However traffic from the search engines alone will not expose your adult business to enough potential customers to compensate for the percentage of customers who visit your adult website and leave without making a purchase.

It is commonly accepted within the adult internet marketing services industry that approximately 2% to 2.5% of visitors to an adult website are motivated buyers and not just window shoppers who are killing time browsing the internet. From that 2% to 2.5% only 0.5% - 1.5% will actually make a purchase. In view of these statistics the only way that the adult website owner can overcome the sales conversation ratio is to maximise the quantity of targeted visitors to there website.

To ensure that your adult business continues to grow it makes good economic sense to employing a dual strategy adult internet marketing service that, concentrates on increasing your search engine ranking through organic adult SEO and capturing more potential customers by placing well positioned premium advertisements for your adult website in popular escort directories.

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